2 people 2 situations totally different yet desperate for a touch of the king.
We all have different needs and different ways in which we approach God to meet our needs. Some people react like Jairus; they tell Jesus they need Him at home with them right away to solve their problem and they won’t let go until they get their desired result, while others are saying in their heart, Lord I am not worthy, all I need is just to touch the hem of your garment without you noticing me and that will be all.
God sees the situation you are passing through and as you act in faith He will meet you at the point of your need. He will not fail you He has never failed you or anyone else.
Jairus needed Jesus at his home urgently but at the same time there was a woman on the way who had heard the testimonies of all Jesus had done for others and she was filled with faith and believed that all she needed was to touch the hem Jesus’ cloak then just fade into the crowd.
Dear people what do you fill yourself with? Do you know your ears are a spiritual gateway and what you fill yourself with will influence your thoughts and reactions? Mark 4:24 says, “And He was saying to them, “Take care what you listen to…”; Romans 10:17 says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ…” If faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God then it is safe to say that unbelief also comes by listening to every other thing but the word of God. This woman filled herself with testimonies of all Jesus had done until she came to a point in which faith had arisen in her and all her emotions, her will and her thoughts were fixed on her healing. She believed that all she needed to do was simply to touch His garments and that was all.
Many of you are like this, you come to God trying to resolve one issue, and when it gets done you think that’s all I came here for, but God is interested in everything about you. He is not a microwave oven God where you come and quickly get everything taken care of then just run off. You may feel that all you need is to get a quick healing, but God wants to take care of every other situation in your life as well to ensure that you have no more hidden hurts. While you may have come to God expecting a quickie, God is interested in your heart and He will take all the time He needs to make sure He restores you to the position you lost or the position the enemy may have made you feel you no longer deserved because of things people may have said.
I believe this woman who was unclean and had much wealth not only suffered a lot at the hands of doctors but in the eyes of the religious and of the town gossips. She was rich but she had become poor because of her situation, she may have felt used because the doctors used her to try every new medicine or technique they discovered but they never worked for her. You may have invested your time, your money, your efforts in things, relationships that may be were not beneficial and the scars of those events may have remained, may be you have even become used to being called names that identify you with that situation and may be you look ok on the outside but inside you are crying for help, your soul is screaming for help and God sees it and He is here today ready and able, willing to heal your heart if only you will let Him in.
This woman had a name just like Jairus did, but she had become marked by her situation as the woman with the issue of blood, as the unclean woman, as the woman who probably had sinned against God so she was experiencing His judgment; as the person whose friends and family had deserted her because she was unholy or unclean. May be it is the same situation with you today maybe you feel that you are not worthy of the Masters presence, but I tell you today just when you think, ‘I just got my miracle’ and you are excited about something external, Jesus has stopped by today in this place and He is looking around and asking who touched me? Yes He has felt the power go out from Him, but there is a higher purpose to His question. For you may think oh how can Jesus be here asking this question, but I tell you I know Him and Hebrews 13:8 tells us that “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.”  Because I know my Master I assure you that He is here asking who touched me. He wants you to come forth; He wants to know you and to spend time with you and for you to spend more time with Him to get to know Him better.
You see Jesus is not all about doing miracles. No! He is about love and about intimacy, that’s what He’s about. God loves you truly and He is saying to you, “you may have come to Me expecting a quick touch and go, microwave oven type of relationship, but I require more of you. I require more because I want to do more than just heal your body I came to make you whole in your spirit, in your soul and in your body.” Isaiah 53:5, “But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed.”
So my friends Jesus is saying to you, “I know your needs and they are not just physical I know all you have need of and on the cross I paid for everything, and as you spend time in My Presence I will change you by the power of My Holy Spirit.”
Jesus is here today to make you whole completely. To this woman who had been marginalized and treated less than she was worth because of a disease, to this woman who people no longer considered as anything, to this reject of religion and society Jesus said, “Daughter, go in peace your faith has made you well be healed of your affliction.” Jesus restored her to the position of daughter and today He wants to restore you to the position of son and of daughter but this requires you to come out of hiding and spend time with Jesus. The Bible says “the woman fearing came and told Jesus everything.” She opened her heart to Jesus. Today this Jesus is giving you the same invitation and it is up to you to come forward and tell Him everything there is in your heart without reservation and to let Him totally heal and restore you. If you truly fear God, if you truly love Him then spend time with Him in worship, in prayer and in the study of His word. This is where the change comes; this is where you grow in intimacy, in fellowship with the Master.
Jairus was a well-respected man but he did not care about his dignity when he was in need. He went and said Jesus please “come to my house now for nothing else will do.” You may be like Jairus a man / woman who is well respected or maybe even not, but you are so desperate that you need God and you need Him now, you don’t want a messenger, you don’t want anyone or anything else but God and you may feel that time is against you so God really needs to leave everything and get busy with you. God values a desperate heart, but remember the road with God is one where He leads and you follow, not vice-versa. You may even feel like God is taking too long healing others while He should be with you taking care of your situation. You may feel that if Jesus does not hurry up, all hope may be lost, you may feel that when Jesus stopped to find out who had touched Him He was wasting time which He could use to take care of you. I can assure of this, Jairus was also looking for a quick healing or laying-on of hands for his situation to change, but because this is a journey of faith (Christianity), God will do what is necessary to make sure faith arises in you for the events which are ahead. God needs you to understand that He will take His time to ensure that He completely takes care of your needs individually. It may take seconds, minutes, hours, months, or years, but be rest assured that God has started a good work in you and He will complete it. The good work for Jairus began when Jesus started off to his house, but on the way to His miracle Jesus needed to teach Him more about faith and about who He really is. Jesus is totally interested in your well-being as a person so it is not about healing a symptom while the root of the problem is not taken care of. When God starts off with you on the journey of faith He will make sure you are at a level where faith has arisen in your heart and you are able to simply believe what He says though everything around you looks otherwise. Jairus needed to see Jesus interact with this woman to understand that Jesus would not just go to his house and touch his daughter then leave, but He will take His time to personally take care of the situation. You need faith to understand that while you may be believing God to heal your situation and people come and say there is no hope, all is lost, she is dead, rather than see and hear what is before you, you listen to what Jesus is saying “do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” God knows your fears but He has proven Himself to you as faithful and today He is saying to you who thinks there is no hope or that He is taking too long or that He may get there late, “Do not fear any longer, only believe.” For if you believe son or daughter, all things are possible to those who believe.
Jairus believed it was his only hope. For many of you, you may feel like there is no hope because your situation looks like it is dead, and hopeless, you may feel it has taken too long or that God has forgotten you, but I declare to you today that God never forgot you because You are always before Him inscribed in the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:14-16), and no matter how dead your situation maybe today I promise you that if you will only believe, all things shall be possible for you and you will experience the resurrection power of God today in that area that seems dead. I promise you that God can bring that situation back to life, He can restore you, He can do all things if you will only believe.
Make sure you do not listen to the voices of unbelief. Make sure you stay clear of people who try to exalt your situation above the power of God, make sure that no matter how well-meaning people are and they come to talk about the inexistent unfaithfulness of God that you tell them to leave, just as Jesus did here. He only took people who believed along because miracles will not happen in the midst of unbelief but amongst those full of faith. Jesus had Peter, James and John all men of faith and the parents of the girl who also had faith around Him, so surround yourself with people of faith. And to every dead and hopeless situation in your life today I say to it arise in Jesus name, I say you grip of death and of despair loose them and let them go now in Jesus name. Amen! And as you arise as you wake up from that dead situation, make sure to eat, feed on the word of God, His promises concerning your past situation because the devil will try to tell you that you are not whole; but as you eat you shall become strong and you shall stand firm in faith and on the word of God never dying again in that area. Amen!

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