In 1 Corinthians 2: 6-8 the Bible says. “… the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age had understood; for if they has understood it they would never have crucified the Lord of Glory.”

As we celebrate Passover and Easter, the greatest day for humanity, the day when the ultimate rescue plan of our great Daddy God was executed, the day when Jesus our Lord and Savior took upon Himself the sins of humanity becoming sin (though He Himself was absolutely sinless) let us remember that this is a season of hope. It’s a season of hope because for as many that will embrace the cross of God’s Passover lamb Jesus there will be salvation and eternal joy. Just as with Moses and Israel in the wilderness a serpent was lifted up and everyone who looked at it were saved from the deadly poison, so also today every one of you who will look upon the cross embracing it by faith and trusting in Jesus will also be saved from the filth and poison of sins power to destroy in hell.

Irrespective of whether you already believe in Jesus, or whether you are a backslider, or an atheist, or may be a holiday Christian or simply traditional, there is hope for you in the cross, because by the cross Jesus destroyed the power of sin so that you and I could live eternally. He died the death which belonged to us so that we could have life. If you end up in hell, it’s not God’s fault or anyone else’s it your fault because Jesus has already suffered so that you would not have to suffer hell.

It’s a season of joy because humanity has been blessed by Messiah washing away our sins with His precious blood. He overcame so that we could live lives of overcomers. His breakthrough became our breakthrough. His resurrection became the anchor of our hope and faith.

Some people may be struggling because the enemy Satan has been working against you, but today a season of hope has just been released over you. Cheer Up! As you wake up every day, declare out loud: “something good is going to happen to me today. Welcome Holy Spirit in. Welcome the angels of God. Worship Daddy God and welcome His perfect will, then surrender it all to Jesus your King. Be glad and rejoice because just like those who crucified Jesus had no idea what they were doing because if they did they would never have crucified the Lord of Glory, so also those evil spirits and people who are doing evil against you don’t know what they are doing or who they are messing around with. Oh no! they are in for a surprise because just as Jesus was sown (He died) and then He was raised up, His resurrection gave birth to billions of souls, so also you shall give birth to fruit which have eternal value: souls, fruit of the Spirit, good works, etc. It does not end there because just as Colossians 2:15 says. “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” So also shall demonic oppression, sickness, depression, drug addiction, poverty, prayerlessness, (you name your condition) be disarmed and become powerless over you even now. A public spectacle has already been made of them, as Jesus triumphed over them by the cross. This is why this is a season of hope, because as you look upon the cross, truly embracing it by faith, God will release resurrection power even now over you, in you, and through you so that you can be an overcomer, and also train others on how to live an overcoming life.

Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, you and I have life eternal, we are part of His family, and we are overcomers. So nothing can and nothing should oppress you any longer. If it be cancer, if it be AIDS, tumors, cholesterol, obesity, eating disorders, depression, poverty, sadness or any kind of sickness, disease or condition, today I decree that the Resurrection power of God Almighty which rose Jesus from the dead right now flow in you, through you, and around you like an electrical current and fire and may the Light of His Glory overshadow you. Be free from your former condition. Be free and live in freedom in Jesus name. Amen!

Dear friend this is a season of hope, indeed it is finished. He did it for you, you can do it, and we can do it! It is finished, He Lives, the tomb is empty because He is seated at the right hand of Daddy God ruling in all power and authority, making sure that His word comes to pass in you and on the Earth. He gave you the Power of Attorney to act on His behalf on the earth, (see Matthew 28:18-20). It is finished, He lives and soon and very soon He will return for His bride, Be Prepared!


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