Born For a Purpose

You were born for a purpose. All your life you have been on a road to discovery. Don’t take any detours, stay on the path set before you, regardless of the obstacles you may encounter. Your purpose is actually bigger than you! It’s bigger than your imaginations and expectations, but only you can accomplish and achieve it because it is possible no matter how big it is. On that road, you will need to bring the best out of you for that is only how you will accomplish your purpose. Nothing is beyond your reach, it is not greater than you per say regardless of its magnitude. You will need to call on help from heaven, family, and real friends who can speak truth and encouragement into your life, but you can and you will accomplish your purpose. If only you stop seeing the obstacles and stop taking detours; if Only you stay on that path and determine in your heart to bring the best out of you even when it seems you are empty. If only you will realize you have help from heaven and call on Jesus for help, I assure you that you will accomplish your mission and purpose, and that which looks big in front of you shall become a little bridge which you shall cross over. If only you realize who Jesus is and how he can help you even now, you will get there; you will make it! 


2 thoughts on “Born For a Purpose

    1. It amazing how sometimes I’ve wondered what if I was born in Jesus’ day, but I’m glad I wasn’t because God wanted me here today and the same applies to everyone else, we are all here today at the right time born when He planned and it is to show forth the wonders of our Great God, on earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah!

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