Redeeming The Time!

What makes some people different or in a sense special? Time! What they do with their time! Time is everything. It’s your most important treasure. You’ve heard the expression, time is money, and indeed it is. Have you ever wondered what you did after a day, a week or a month and it seems like you never achieved anything worthwhile? Time is priceless. Time is indeed money or as valuable as money because what you do with your time today is an investment for your future tomorrow, and that includes your children too.
Every great man or woman serving God and those who don’t know God have one thing in common: they defied the odds and invested their time in what they believed regardless of circumstances, regardless of naysayers and they gave it a shot, their best chance (faith) and today it is paying out.
The investment of time into any effort may start small, but it does not and should not end at small. It should increase daily, and weekly until what you invest in becomes a river flowing with milk and honey. This is not meant only for Christians because it is a spiritual and natural principle which applies to everyone. Some people believe by copying what they see others do today they may attain what those people who through investment of time and effort have attained and sorry to say but you are heading down a dead end! The only way to become like anyone you choose to emulate is to do what they did in the secret place before they became popular. Popularity is a by product of time investment as is wealth. Wisdom is a product of time investment and everything you reap is a product of how much time you sow. You can sow into your education, sport, or profession by having the best grades and going the extra mile to be the best and it will pay out. You can do the same in the kingdom by spending good quality time in the presence of God and you will reap the benefits. As with everything you invest time in, the rewards are endless. In the Presence of God, the closer you get to the Father (“…Who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see.” 1 Timothy 6:16 New American Standard Bible) the more transparent we become as His light penetrates through us. We determine how close we get to the Father by our openness to Holy Spirit, the word of God, and our time spent in His Presence worshipping and pouring out our hearts, letting go of our pride and obedience at any cost. There are different levels of light and different levels of glory. Not all glory is the same (1 Corinthians 15:40-41). The closer we get to the source (God) the more like Him we become. The living creatures, the cherubim and seraphim who are eternally in His Presence standing before His throne with all eyes fixed on Father and Son, have become like Them from dwelling there eternally. They have been mentored by the Father’s glory until they are a reflection of Him. When they move, their wings sound like thunder, like the voice of the almighty, when the speak the throne room shakes(Job 40:9; Isaiah 6:4; Ezekiel 1:24; Revelation 1:15). Moses spent forty days and nights in the glory of His Presence and came down with His face shinning and he had to put a veil on it to protect the people (Exodus 34:39-35). The glory we receive is a spiritual one, our spirits become so full of light until we radiate like Him, but don’t stop there because there is more. More? You may ask and I say yes more! The living creatures and seraphim have not stopped crying: “Holy, Holy, Holy…” Not because they are programmed but because there is more and more and more and not even they who see it all can know it all, nor have received it all because we all go from glory to glory and we are all constantly being transformed into the image of Him who loved us and gave Himself for us (2 Corinthians 3:18). So in this race you are a key player. Your time is of utmost importance and your God is calling you and knocking constantly because He does not give up on you (Revelation 3:20). You are a key, you determine if that door will be open and how much the door will actually open. You also determine if you will enter in or just stand at the door. You are important, you are called to be a “King and priest” and as you get closer, the more you will shine and burn for Him (2 Peter 2:9). The further away you are, the more you decide to keep to yourself and refuse to change, the more difficult it will be for the light to penetrate and therefore the radiance of such a person is inferior in comparison to someone who decides and determines every moment to seek His Presence, to come boldly before the Father because they know their goal is to be like Jesus and that the Good Father already looks at them and sees Jesus’ finished work so they are not only in process but they are like Him and keep getting renewed and transformed until perfection comes on that day. What you spend your time on demonstrates what you value, it demonstrates where you have placed your faith, it demonstrates where your heart, your treasure is.
Lucifer (the devil) the enemy of every human and God is the perfect liar who is after your time. He knows the tricks and wants to make you useless against him and his lies so what does he do? He makes you seem occupied, too occupied to seek God, too occupied to do anything that has any meaning so that at the end of the day you wonder what it is you did with your time and then depression sets in because you missed an opportunity to invest in your future. All you will get in your future is determined by what you invest in today.Clock fleur de lis
Thankfully we serve a God who is able to redeem the time and make what we do today eternally valuable, meaning that when you invest your time seeking the Presence of God (which by the way does not mean being idle, or sitting around doing nothing, but being before Him and actually doing what He has asked you to do) what you do has value in eternity as well as here on earth. Do not be blinded and misguided by lies whose sole purpose is to distract you from your goal.
Do you know who you are? That changes your perspective a lot when you know what God says about you. Fear, the voice of hell comes to distract you actually because the enemy is afraid of what you will become tomorrow when you invest your time wisely today. So what is being wise in the kingdom of God? It is hearing His voice and building upon those words so you have a solid foundation upon the rock. Being foolish is living in disobedience to the word of God and building on a sandy foundation where the wind and water can shake and wash it away.
Where are you standing? You should be on the rock where you will not be shaken by wind, waves, or storms of this life (Matthew 7:24-27; Hebrews 12:28).
Your investment builds up faith reserves from which you will draw strength in those stormy days ahead. The enemy lies today to prevent you from building those reserves. What you do today determines how far you will go tomorrow. You are a king and a priest called to show forth the majesty and greatness of our God, but how can you show forth what you do not know? How can we manifest what we do not have? Yes we are all busy and yes it is an investment of time and effort but it pays off doubly. It builds your future reward in heaven and it does the same here on earth. Wisdom is granted to everyone as is understanding according to the level each one is able to bear. Have you ever wondered why some people say the more they come to know God, the less they know? That investment of time in His Presence unlocks blessings on earth and in heaven where you are seated with God. With each new revelation, comes a new deposit and a new well which is a spring of life which has the ability to destroy the lies of the enemy so chase after it and confess it until you believe it and it becomes your reality.
The Old Testament is full of events, historically sound events displaying to us today what goes on in the spirit realm when we invest our time either in the Presence of God or in the lies of the enemy represented by idols. Every ti
me Israel believed God, God manifested by fighting their battles and defeating their enemies which are a representation of the enemy we face today in the spirit. The fight is not yours to fight, remember David and Goliath, it is God’s battle and He fights it whenever we invest our time and belief/ faith in Him. On the contrary when we go after lies/ idols, we are enslaved as is true today of fear. Perfect Love (God) casts out fear, they cannot coexist because just like light and darkness, they are opposites without any relationship to share with each other. The truth is whatever you cherish you will invest your time in, that is why where your treasure is there your heart will be, because you have invested time into it because you believe it is important. You serve a God who is able to redeem (to do something which is able to compensate for poor past performances or behaviors) the time. Time invested in His presence is never wasted. Everything placed in His Presence bears life, exponential life which becomes evident as God in turn decides to expose you. The kingdom of God is about partnership with the King of kings, who is also The Way, The Truth and Life. Within that partnership comes discernment, prophecy, healing, miracles and a slue of other gifts and manifestations all orchestrated and given freely by His Spirit. The host of heaven have been assigned for a time like this and are waiting on you to declare the words that you have received in His Presence, where you spend your time, to take down the lies of the enemy so that everything around you can manifest for His glory.
You cannot simply get to where others are today without an investment of time into His Kingdom. Singing is good, but worshipping is done in His Presence and bears life to those around because you have invested time in His Presence. Preaching is good, but receiving what comes from the mouth of the Lord and giving it is better, because it carries life that destroys darkness. Life is all about choices, it’s all about where we invest our time. Some investments bring financial gain, others some other kind of gain, but seek to invest in the Presence of God because it has both natural and eternal Value. Do not leave your job because of this, but take His Kingdom to your job, take His Kingdom everywhere. Become the manifest son and daughter of God you were called to be, live life on earth as it is in heaven. Invest your time where your investment is sure to bear rewards and gain both in this life and in eternity. That my dear friends is called faith. What you invest in you deposit your faith in, that it will bring a harvest, be it natural or spiritual. Remember what you invest in today, will determine your future, and your children’s future tomorrow.
God bless you!


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