Redeeming The Time!

Thankfully we serve a God who is able to redeem the time and make what we do today eternally valuable, meaning that when you invest your time seeking the Presence of God (which by the way does not mean being idle, or sitting around doing nothing, but being before Him and actually doing what He has asked you to do) what you do has value in eternity as well as here on earth. Do not be blinded and misguided by lies whose sole purpose is to distract you from your goal. Continue reading Redeeming The Time!

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His Presence: The Secret of Supernatural Living!!!

Have you ever wondered what is most important in the supernatural? Fulfilling a call / destiny or communion with God above all else? Our human minds says it’s most important that we fulfill our call, that we fulfill our destiny and that is important indeed, yet it is not the most important thing you will do in your life, for I ask you, what do you do when you have fulfilled that call or destiny? Die, Sin, or seek Him?  Everyone on this earth has been given a gift by the Lord Jesus, christian or not. Those gifts and calling … Continue reading His Presence: The Secret of Supernatural Living!!!

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I Believe in Jesus

I believe in Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the son of God;” the same yesterday, today and forever!” I believe in the cross of Jesus Christ and His blood. I believe that Jesus is alive and everything he did on earth lives in us who know him for the world to see. I believe in the Bible, the pure unadulterated word of God, preached in the love of God as displayed in the cross of Jesus which now sits empty. I despise religion and all religions. Religion has never been a way to get to God, it had been … Continue reading I Believe in Jesus

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